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Introduction - Information


TDQ web slings are built up out of 4-layers polyester (PES ) and are available as three versions:

TDQ web slings are made out 100% polyester. The TDQDD and TDQDDS are manufactured with steel triangles (grade 80).


Fysical properties

Specific Gravity (g/cm3) : 1,38

Elongation at WLL (in %) : 3 - 4

Usable at temperature : -40°C - +100°C

Moisture regain % : < 0,5

Resistance to mineral Acid* : Good

Resistance to Alkalis* : Poor

* Always consult the producer.


TDQ web slings are for general use for lifting loads from WLL 10 ton up to 40 ton. (straight lift). The width of the webbing sling contributes to a stable and safe lift.

For special applications where the standard assortment does not fit, Unitex Technotex can offer custom made solutions.

For the standard assortment we refer to the enclosed product sheets.


• TDQ web slings comply with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EG

• TDQ web slings have a CE-mark, according to the Machinery Directive requirements. (Europe).

• TDQ web slings comply with NEN-EN 1492-1 (europe), BS 3481/part2-1983 (Middle East, asia), as 4497.1-1997 (Australia), OSHA/ASME B30.9 (USA)


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